Baseball & balletTeresa and Amanada ShotI created MOM’S KISSES to give parents a safe, natural alternative for topical pain relief. MOM’S KISSES is a natural, topical anti-inflammatory. From tots to teens, MOM’S KISSES is formulated to heal your child from life’s bumps, bruises, and pains quickly. Check out our real customer testimonials!  When a kiss doesn’t help MOM’S KISSES will!buynow1




Clinically proven to:

  • Heal bruising;
  • Reduce inflammation caused by contusions & sprains;
  • Great for sore muscles too;
  • Increase circulation to speed healing & prevent swelling

Perfect for Sports Moms! MOM’S KISSES – arnica has been trusted by European moms for centuries. A non-toxic, drug free alternative to ibuprofen and acetaminophen for pain & anti-inflammation. MOM`S KISSES does not have the same side effects as pharmaceuticals such as NSAIDs – not toxic for our liver, kidneys, or digestive system.

The potent and premium Arnica used in manufacturing MOM’S KISSES is proven. Our non-GMO Arnica has proteins and lactones that help the body absorb damaged fluids & blood (part of the swelling process).

Only the purest ingredients, organic and non-GMO, Mom’s Kisses is the brand you can trust. You kids should grow healthy and strong, chemical free.

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